Whether you want to apply for a home loan or refinance your current mortgage, Capital City Bank Mortgage Loan Originators can guide you through the process. We make the process of securing a mortgage simple and straightforward. We'll partner with you to ensure your buying or refinancing experience is a success.

To apply for a mortgage loan with Capital City Bank, click the Get Started button below, and you will be taken to our application page. Once on the mortgage application home page, you will need to click the Get Started link located at the top left of the page to begin the process.

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In order to provide you the fastest loan closing possible, it's important to be prepared. You'll need to provide information about yourself and anyone else who is going to be listed as a co-borrower on the mortgage (like a spouse or partner). 

Checklist of what you need to apply for a mortgage with Capital City Bank

  • Copy of a current photo ID (driver's license preferred) for each borrower
  • Copy of paystubs for the most recent 30-day period for each borrower showing year-to-date earnings
  • Copy of last 2 months bank/asset statements, all pages required, for all financial accounts, including investments, for each borrower
  • Copy of W-2s or 1099s for each borrower (for the last 2 years) for all employers
  • Copy of last 2 years of signed federal tax returns, all pages, for each borrower
  • Copy of divorce decree and property settlement if applicable
  • Copy of the signed Purchase and Sales Agreement, if this is a home purchase
  • Name and phone number of homeowners insurance agent

If you are self-employed, own a corporation, in a partnership, or own a rental property you will need:

  • Copy of last 2 years corporate and/or partnership tax returns and K-1s
  • Copy of lease agreements on rentals. Also you will need the mortgage statements, property insurance and real estate tax statements for rentals

If you receive Social Security income, Pensions, Disability, or VA benefits, please provide the award letter from agency or organization. If you are not of retirement age, please provide a letter from the agency or organization stating this income will be continuous for three more years.


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