Directors of the Bank 

  • Don F. Hazlett 
  • Bob Kobbeman 
  • Bruce Krueger 
  • Tim Lies 
  • Bill Michener 
  • David Newcomer 
  • Dan Sabatini 
  • F. Marc Sabatini 
  • Frank C. Sabatini 
  • Matt C. Sabatini 
  • Mike Sabatini 

Officers of the Bank 

Corporate Division

  • Frank Sabatini -  Chairman Emeritus of the Board
  • Matt Sabatini -  Chairman of the Board
  • Don Hazlett -  Vice Chairman of the Board
  • Bob Kobbeman -  President, Chief Executive Officer, and Chief Lending Officer
  • Bruce Krueger -  Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

Topeka Market

  • Chris Urban -  Executive Vice President, Senior Lender
  • Joe Hoytal -  Executive Vice President, Commercial Lender
  • Bill Tregemba -  Senior Vice President, Commercial Lender
  • Norm Landry -  Vice President, Retail Manager, Wanamaker Banking Center
  • Cindy Pennock -  Vice President, Retail Manager, Southwest Banking Center
  • Ben Tenpenny -  Vice President, Commercial Lender
  • Randy Williams -  Vice President, Mortgage Lender
  • Joanna Adolph -  Assistant Vice President, Retail Manager, North Banking Center
  • Jana Counseller -  Assistant Vice President, Retail Manager, Downtown Banking Center
  • Tamara Crider -  Assistant Vice President, Retail Manager, Southeast Banking Center
  • Kim Thomason -  Assistant Vice President, Retail Manager, South Banking Center
  • Debra Turner - Assistant Vice President, Mortgage Lender

Lawrence Market

  • Mark Gonzales -  Regional Executive Vice President, Lawrence Market President
  • Bill Altman -  Senior Vice President, Commercial Lender
  • Ernesto Hodison -  Senior Vice President, Commercial Lender
  • Diana Deutsch -  Vice President, Mortgage Lender
  • Bob Fletcher -  Vice President, Commercial Lender
  • Debi Waggoner - Vice President, Retail Manager, Hobbs Taylor Banking Center
  • Nathan Oehlert  - Assistant Vice President, Retail Manager, Folks Road Banking Center
  • Jeff Schuler -  Assistant Vice President, Mortgage Lender

Overland Park Market

  • Bill Burghart -  Executive Vice President, Senior Market Lender
  • Jake Esser -  Senior Vice President, Commercial Lender
  • Teresa Cone - Assistant Vice President, Retail Manager

Trust and Asset Management Division

  • Mark Burenheide -  Senior Vice President, Trust Officer
  • Jenny Barricklow -  Assistant Vice President, Financial Advisor

Corporate Services

  • Keith Olson -  Executive Vice President, Operations
  • Kathryn Clark -  Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Lisa Gilchrist -  Senior Vice President, Business Banker
  • Scott Wilson - Senior Vice President, Credit Administration
  • Gail Beutler-Eyman -  Vice President, Senior Compliance Officer, BSA Officer
  • Travis Cooper -  Vice President, Information Technology
  • Julie Foster - Vice President, Loan Operations
  • Danyel Mills -  Vice President, Business Banker
  • Debbie Ramberg -  Vice President, Human Resources
  • Erin Rodriguez -  Vice President, Retail Sales/Operations and Security Officer
  • Michelle Whitehead -  Vice President, Assistant Cashier
  • Dion Lake -  Assistant Vice President, Internal Auditor


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