Coordinating the settlement of your estate.

Experienced in handling estates of all sizes, Capital City Bank has built and sustained a reputation for accurate, efficient estate settlement. We accept the responsibility involved in coordinating settling efforts with your attorneys and accountants, and keeping detailed records to effectively manage your estate at the lowest possible cost. By placing these responsibilities in the hands of an estate-settlement specialist, you relieve someone close to you from settling your affairs.

Representing your estate and protecting your needs.

We realize that our responsibilities as your Executor include listening to and answering questions from those not familiar with estate settlement procedures. You and your beneficiaries can count on us to provide accurate explanations of all estate and court proceedings and be present every step of the way as special arrangements are made and carried out.

In addition, as your Executor, Capital City Bank will:

  • Report to the court. We present your will for the approval of the court, gather all the estate assets, and provide an inventory for the court.
  • Verify creditor claims. After publishing a notice to creditors concerning your passing, we determine the validity of, and pay, all creditor claims.
  • Settle estate matters. Once your estate’s income tax and estate tax returns are prepared and filed, we sell any property required for the efficient administration of the estate and appear before the court and taxing authorities to resolve any disputes, or for routine approval of estate matters.
  • Distribute assets. When these tasks are completed, we distribute assets to the beneficiaries of your estate.

Our experienced professionals will listen to you.

As Executors, the experienced trust advisers at Capital City Bank will carry out your interests, work to preserve and enhance your wealth, and minimize taxes so your assets can provide the maximum benefit to the intended recipients.

Allow us to serve you.

Enjoy the confidence that comes from knowing that your affairs are in order, your privacy is secured, your estate is protected from unnecessary settlement costs and taxes, your heirs will be provided for properly, and your estate is settled by having Capital City Bank serve as your Executor. For more information on the many benefits Capital City Bank offers, please contact a Capital City Bank Trust Officer today.


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