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For more than 120 years, Capital City Bank has assisted individuals and families in reaching their financial goals. In fact, we still serve many of the same families today, three and four generations later.

This continuity, coupled with Capital City Bank’s financial stability, is a reflection of the unparalleled level of expertise we can provide. With Capital City Bank you can be assured that your assets will be handled for generations to come with the same care and tradition that we have offered generations in the past.

As investment opportunities and options have expanded, Capital City Bank has established a network of experienced and knowledgeable trust professionals who are capable of managing all or part of your portfolio. We employ certified trust and financial  advisers , and work with licensed Attorneys, Certified Public Accountants, and Accredited Asset Management Specialists, all ready to serve your unique needs. 

As a client, you can be assured of objectivity, receiving only the advice and services that serve your interest. Our counsel is based solely on your goals and objectives. 

Assets in Trust and Investment Management Accounts, unless otherwise indicated:

  • are not FDIC insured
  • are not a deposit or other obligation of the depository institution
  • are not guaranteed by the depository institution
  • are subject to investment risks, including the possible loss of the principal amount invested.

Trustee Services 

A trust is a legal agreement between two parties: the person who creates it and the person, institution or corporate trustee responsible for administering it, known as the trustee. As a corporate trustee, Capital City Bank can offer you benefits beyond those of an individual trustee, including objectivity and continuity of service. Plus, as a fiduciary, we are held to strict legal and ethical standards - relieving you of the fiduciary burden associated with the management of probates, trusts and estates, and providing peace of mind.

More Details About Trustee Services

Trust Settlement

Choosing the right person, institution or corporate trustee to assist in the settlement of your trust is a decision to be considered carefully. Of course, you want a trustee with the highest levels of professionalism, knowledge, and ethics. it is equally important that the chosen trustee interact well with other members of your personal financial team. Generally, the safest alternative is to choose a corporate trustee, preferably one that is highly skilled at dealing with the intricacies of trusts.

More Details About Trust Settlement

Estate Settlement 

When the time comes to name an Executor for your estate, your obvious choices may include a family member or friend. The duties and responsibilities of an Executor, however, are substantial and can be time-consuming. In addition, the inherent legal liabilities can be overwhelming.

With Estate Settlement Services provided by Capital City Bank, you can select an experienced Executor to handle the duties of settling your estate, relieving family members and friends from the labor and liability involved in handling the settlement of your affairs.

More Details About Estate Settlement

Custodial Services

We all want the peace of mind that comes from knowing our assets are protected and will be transferred to our heirs with minimal cost and taxation. Having a well-designed estate plan - and creating a trust as part of that plan - is one compelling step toward attaining this objective. Establishing an estate plan designed to meet your goals and needs is critical. What's more, having expert support from a professional agent - like Capital City Bank - can be essential.

More Details About Custodial Settlement

For more information on the many benefits Capital City Bank can offer, please  contact  a Capital City Bank Trust Officer today.


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