Continuing support for your loved ones.

By creating a living trust, you can create a framework for the effective management of your financial affairs during your lifetime and ensure the accurate distribution of assets to your loved ones when the need arises.

Trusts are written legal agreements between you and a trustee under which the trustee manages the trust assets. Trusts also help keep family matters private by avoiding probate which, in turn, helps minimize trust settlement costs.

When Capital City Bank serves as trustee or in a trust-settlement capacity, we accept the responsibility involved in coordinating the efforts of your attorneys and accountants and keep detailed records to effectively manage the settlement of your trust with the lowest possible cost and taxes. Most important, we assure that the assets in the trust are distributed according to your wishes.

Our trustees have settlement expertise, which lowers costs, saves settlement time, and increases trust accuracy. We protect beneficiaries' interests through prudent investing of estate funds and by analyzing cash needs, paying bills, and managing real estate.

At a time when you need to know your interests are being looked after, a consultation with Capital City Bank can give you peace of mind - freeing you or someone close to you from the burden of preparing your assets for your beneficiaries.

Capital City Bank provides Trust Settlement Services, including: 

  • Filing federal estate tax returns.
  • Filing final income tax returns.
  • Preparing final accounting.
  • Filing Notice of Trust.
  • Paying valid creditor claims.
  • Paying bequests to beneficiaries.
  • Making tax elections under the Internal Revenue Code.

Allow us to serve you.

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your affairs are in order, your privacy is secured, your estate is protected from unnecessary settlement costs and taxes, your heirs will be provided for properly, and your trust is settled by having Capital City Bank serve as your trustee. For more information on the many benefits Capital City Bank offers, please contact a Capital City Bank Trust Officer today.


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